Wedding Planning Made Easy…ish.

August 20th, 2017 I married my best friend… and then August 21st I went back to classes. But before I could even begin to think about classes I was focused on planning a wedding for 120 people! Anyone who has ever started planning a wedding can testify to the fact that the beginning is so much fun! But when I say the beginning, I ONLY mean the beginning.

Yes, of course picking the colors are fun, but you should be aware that after picking the colors of your special day will only be the beginning to a lot of more choices you’ll have to make. Don’t freak out though because it will get better as you keep going.

But remember….

Just. Keep. Going.

These are just some tips from my own wedding planning:

  2. Do not make every detail into the end of the world
  3. Go to your food tasting (BOTH of you)
  4. Pick a venue that suits your style
  5. Get your bridesmaids (groomsmen) cute little gifts!
  6. Meet your photographer before your wedding and come with ideas!
  7. Don’t be afraid to break tradition!
  8. If you’re looking for cheap and classy, floating candles are IN!
  9. Be SPECIFIC with your DJ with what songs you want played
  12. Rent a venue that also has decorations you can use!
  13. If you don’t want to buy or make your own decorations, rent em!

Of course, this list is not perfect! Everyone has their own to plan a wedding.

Like I said,

Just. Keep. Going.


Special Day

I remember the day my Pawpaw said “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and of course I wouldgive some bizarre answer like “An astronaut!” and his response was “I know you can do it”

And from that point of my Pawpaw always took me to science museums (the coolest ones) and put me in STEM camps and every gift revolved around science and astronomy and such. And to this day I still have some of that stuff and I keep it with me because of how special it was to me then..

But as time went on my response to that question turned into “I just want to graduate…” which is the absolute truth. I just want to graduate.



But we can say this is a celebratory post because today I can say that come May of 2018 I will graduate with a bachelors degree.


And I remember back when I was younger and I told my grandfather, “Pawpaw, I want to be a doctor!” and pawpaw responded with “I know you can do it” and granted, I did not go for it because we soon realized that I did not like blood… So no.

But today and I said “Pawpaw, I applied for graduation! I’m graduating in May of 2018!” and what he said to me was “I knew you could do it.”

I felt like I had a Forest Gump moment, like I finished what I started, but where do I go from here?


Now I feel like I just have to keep pushing, there’s no way I can give up now, and I feel like there was a point in time where I felt like I would never get to this point. But I know that it’s coming and that’s all I’m excited for and I have a feeling my pawpaw is excited too.

Every college student has those days where they don’t want to push on.

Every college student has those days where they don’t want to attend classes for the rest of sesmeter.

I am that student everyday, but I still push on, and sometimes I wonder what that driving force was, but today I realized that it was my pawpaw saying “I knew you could do it.”

and I believe every college student has that voice in their ear, and as it gets to the end of the semester, and to the end of the school year that voice is getting louder and louder, and when graduation comes we can all say

“I did it.”ww


It’s Here!

For those of you who enjoy watching Marvel films, you are probably just as excited about this movie as I am. We’re talking about the third Thor movie… no no no, we are talking about THOR: RAGNAROK.  I’m not as big of a Thor nerd as my husband is but I will tell you that he is one of my favorite Marvel characters.

I had to wait to post this blog because I originally was going to see it Sunday night, but it was SOLD OUT the 3 times I tried to go. But last night I finally got to see it. And it was AMAZING!

It was like

anigif_sub-buzz-24885-1500776875-1.gif And I don’t want to give away the whole movies so I’ll try my best, but please know that if you haven’t seen it yet YOU MUST! There are a couple of tear-jerking moments because, in a world where people are gods and live in different realms, not everything can be perfect.

And only Marvel movies can make you hate and love a villain all at the same time.

Marvel also introduces new characters that you want to fall in love with too, and you really hope that they stick around! And they push in characters you wouldn’t expect to come back or characters that you didn’t think would make it as far as they have.

This movie is just great, and of course, Marvel had to throw in some context from other movies and blow your mind, but that’s typical Marvel Studios.

In the beginning, things get a little strange, but you’ll understand why and then throughout the movie you’ll understand more about the galaxy and other realms and why they’re in love with green. (Thank God for Scarlett Johansson)

*** If you see the movie you will definitely understand


What’s your favorite TV show?

For the past couple of months I have been watching the show “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” with Rachel Bloom as the main character. Let me just say, this show is CRAZY!

It’s about a woman who knows that mentally she’s not okay and she goes and tries to live a “normal life”. This show sometimes is so crazy that it stresses me out and gives me anxiety as if I’m one of the characters! (who knows maybe I am)


But I really think that if you’re looking for a new show that will

1. Have you rolling on the floor

2. Also bawl your eyes out

You’ve come to the right show!

I was skeptical of this show, but then I realized how it’s actually not that bad. I will say that the show can sometimes get out of hand with the sexual comments and bad words, even some scenes are little to much for me, but I’m sure the CW Network knows what they’re doing.

Netflix has helped me to love this show, and ironically I finished the season I was watching just in time for the new season to come on the CW channel.

This show makes you feel like you’re in a broadway play, but in reality you’re just on couch watching the TV. But it is that dramatic, and also has catchy songs that stay with you.

I think the plot could’ve been a little well more developed, but hey, I’m not paid to do that job. I also think that the show could tone down a little on being unafraid of saying whatever they want. I get the point, but sometimes it’s just a little too much.

pierre-2But the show itself has me dying laughing about something so silly all of the time. Today I started laughing to myself about and old episode that I saw over the summer. And that is exactly how you know a show was good for you when you randomly think of it and start laughing though it happened so long ago.

This show gets a 10 from me, it makes me laugh and it keeps me interested!

Reasons Why You Should Love Dogs

So many times I hear “I’m a cat person”… DOES THIS MEAN YOU HATE DOGS?! If so, then I HATE CATS because “I’m a DOG person”

Dogs are better than cats for a PLETHORA of reasons.

Yeah, cats cuddle… but dogs do it better.

Yeah, cats have cute yawns… but they can’t beat a puppy straight out the womb!

Get you a dog because they obey, they’re not sassy, and THEY LOVE YOU NO MATTER WHAT!

When cats are offended they stay mad for a long time, and they’re rude too. They like to claw and don’t care about anyone else but themselves.

Yeah some dogs can be a little dense in the head, but so what? Some dogs are your personality and they don’t care if you’re dense so you shouldn’t care either.

Get you a dog today.

Even the rescued dogs know how important love is, and that’s all they want.

I’m not bashing cats, they are cute too! 

They all need love and affection, it’s just that dogs are better!

Sounds like a Family Night

What’s your child’s favorite movie right now?

I have a 5 year old who loves the movie “Moana” … AND I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND WHY


This movie is first of all, beyond cute


and has a very powerful message beyond it. My husband and I went to see it when it first came out and I absolutely loved it. Disney digs into a background that is actually based off of Pacific Islanders, western polynesia to be exact. I once talked to someone of this descent and they told me Disney did such an amazing job portraying the culture and how it important it is to the people of that culture.

As for kids, this movie is good! There are certain scenes where you don’t want your kid to go to school saying the exact lines, but Disney does that to all of their movies. The songs themselves are so fun to sing along to and are so catchy that you can actually start to learn them on one of the first times hearing them.

Moana, is not a princess, or a damsel in distress, she’s the next chief of her village and wants to do what’s best for them. She learns that she needs someone else to help her within restoring her island. So this whole time she thinks she can’t do it by herself but that her partner is the only one. But what they both end up realizing is that they need each other to do what is best for everyone else. Of course there’s more filler than that, but it shows true courage and true friendship as well.

If you haven’t seen Moana, now is the time!

Something to Obsess Over

One word.


YAYPinterest is amazing, you can literally learn how to do anything from it. It’s like pictures for YouTube tutorials. Anytime you want to learn how to make something, you can go to Pinterest, wanna learn how to paint your toes using only a paint brush? Go to Pinterest.

I used Pinterest a lot for my wedding ideas, I took so many things and still was able to make them my own thing. I appreciate Pinterest so much because if I need help even picking out an outfit I can go to Pinterest to see what actually looks good, even if it’s not the same exact outfit.

Many females like to use Pinterest, but guys too like it as well! I know plenty of guys that have the app to look at cars. Though they could google cars they choose to Pinterest search it. And why do you think that is?

Because it’s awesome!

I’ve been with Pinterest since high school and it hasn’t let me down just yet. I believe Pinterest was made for people without creative minds to take ideas from those who do have creative minds are willing to share… FOR FREE!free

Don’t judge the website before you try it. Now Pinterest allows video on it and it actually works very well and helps you learn faster as well.

And you may not obsess but at least you gave it a try and one day when all else fails, you will use Pinterest and then you’ll come to love it just like I did.


Know Your Stuff

First of all I want to explain that I am by NO MEANS NECESSARY a Bible or Christianity expert. But there are a few things that I’d like to discuss.

Did you know that there are over 850 DOCUMENTED branches (denominations) of Christianity? But wait….

Isn’t there just one Bible?wow

For instance, most churches hold services on Sunday… Did you know that this actually isn’t biblical? According to the 10 commandments and Mark 16:1,9, the Sabbath Day (being the day of rest) is indeed on the 7th day, which is Saturday. Look up the word Sunday, it’ll tell you it’s the first day of the week, and then look up the word Saturday, it’ll tell you it’s the seventh day of the week.wow2Then if the Bible doesn’t say Sunday… then who did?

Actually, it was Roman Emperor Constantine that changed the Sabbath day to Sunday, but he himself didn’t believe in the God of the Bible at all, he actually was a Pagan high priest, who worshiped the Sun god, Mithra. After the Apostolic age Constantine completely obliterated all of God’s laws and feasts from the Bible(seven feasts in three times). These are things that the Apostles taught even after Jesus… Meaning.. they learned everything they wrote from Jesus Himself… meaning that he also did these things too.

So then what does that say about Christianity today? Why is it that there is not a single church that keeps everything that Jesus Christ taught 2,000 years ago? Even the last page of the Bible says not to add or take away (Rev 22:18-19) So what happened? History happened, then tradition happened. The Bible isn’t just a book to pick through and choose what sounds good and put it together to create a mega church.

It’s actually a factual book, from Genesis to Revelation there’s science, history of the world, all kinds of things that Churches today aren’t teaching… could possibly be because their doctrine’s aren’t from the Bible.

Hey, I think stuff like this is cool and it’s worth digging into!


Funniest videos online right now

Right now in our time there are so many different videos that float around the internet. My favorite genre of videos online are funny ones. It’s bad but I will sit up and watch funny videos until I fall asleep (that’s actually not a good way to fall asleep)

I enjoy Facebook because it will just play next video right after the next video. But when I find a funny video I can’t help but save it and hope that there’s another like it.

This list is to help you get through your rainy days (everyone has them). Try these videos and you will see why I can’t stop laughing.

1. People vs chairs (or really vs anything)

These videos are for people who like to watch other people get hurt. Of course they’re not really getting hurt, but they are people who have just failed at doing whatever it is they’re trying to do, whether it’s sit in a chair, or dance on a table.

fall out

2. Pet videos

People post their pets doing funny things all the time, who knew animals could be so funny. Animals don’t really think like humans so they just kind of go with the flow, when cats hit dogs it’s really funny because the dogs have no idea what to do! They just wonder what it is they did wrong and walk away.


3. Baby videos

Babies are HILARIOUS, little babes trying foods for the first time are sure to make you laugh or make you want to have a baby. Babies who talk to each other are funny, babies who fart and the other starts crying because he got scared are funny. There are many different types.


4. People getting scared

Everyone loves a good scare (of course not too extreme for everyone) but everyone can say they’ve laughed at someone (whether they knew them or not) who got scared and they were there to witness it. If it’s not being done to us then we think it’s funny.


5. “Try not to laugh” Videos

I can’t win with these videos.

I laugh at everything, therefore if I’m participating in watching a video that I’m not supposed to laugh at please note that I probably will be in tears by the end of it. There’s a specific video called Dad Jokes, these are jokes that have been prepared to sound like someone’s dad is telling them. These videos will literally have you rolling on the floor.

Dad jokes

Everyone likes a good laugh, give some of these a try and I promise you won’t be sorry! Of course this will not be perfect but it’s something to keep you rolling!




Don’t forget to sleep

Sleep is very Essential for survival in the life of a college student. So many times I hear “I pulled 3 all-nighters this week” and I’m like….
Lemon head
THIS WEEK?! How are you living right now?! People don’t understand but when you don’t get any sleep you are a walking ZOMBIE!

Go ahead and grab your doppio espresso and try to tell yourself that you’re fine and that you’re awake and able to function properly! Your body literally NEEDS sleep to live.

A lot of people think I’m crazy when I say that I love sleep, but this isn’t a game. This isn’t just me talking about something I love like I love ice cream. No, this is about something that helps me live and continue on living.

Many people try to push themselves every week, but if you’re a student like me taking 18 credit hours + working 30hrs or more on top of that… it’s really hard to push through and to say that you can keep doing it.

While living this crazy life we might as take care of our bodies. So what’s right for them but of course don’t neglect your actual work. But personal days are allowed, even the hardest working people in the world can agree to that



You can always grab a doppio con panna and continue to push on, but don’t forget while you’re doing it you can always take a rest.

As this 4th week of classes begins this is just something that has been on my mind and I thought it would be best to share it with everyone!

Top 5 Starbucks Drinks (Coffee)

Working at Starbucks you see different people come into the store all of the time and ask for all kinds of drinks. This goes from a tall light/medium/dark coffee to a Venti Iced Coconut Milk Mocha Macchiato, most people want to come in a customize their own drink but don’t realize that most of the time they just don’t taste THAT great.

People come in to customize a tall iced coffee, they’ll add 15 pumps of vanilla and 2 pumps of hazelnut and extra cream and wonder why they can’t taste the coffee… Please realize that you did not order a single drop of coffee. BUT people like what they like, and they pay for it! So… it’s fine! But I want to make sure we have one thing clear before the end of this..

The more customization’s… the more sugar… the more $$$

But if you’re not a coffee drinker don’t worry about it, these 5 drinks should get you started:

  1. Pumpkin Spice Latte (yeah it’s that time again)
  2. Iced Caramel Macchiato
  3. Vanilla Iced Coffee with cream
  4. Caramel frappuccino (yes it does include coffee)
  5. Java chip frappuccino (for all you chocolate lovers out there)

These 5 drinks are the most ordered drinks I’ve ever seen. Feel free to customize them all, but just remember all that sugar!

If after this you STILL don’t like coffee, try absolutely all of the teas. The only one that’s iced without caffeine is the passion tea. These teas come sweet and unsweetened, but they are absolutely delicious either way!